About Tavy

Thank you for visiting  my site. My name is Tavy and currently reside in Phoenix, Arizona for over 35 years now. Since I was 7 years old, I have always enjoyed being creative in art and have exemplified those talents for quite some time. Despite graduating from Arizona State University with dual degrees in Electrical Engineering, I found myself dabbling with fruit carving techniques.  Initially, I started creating centerpieces using watermelon, honeydew, and carrots. Then incorporating many pieces into making larger fruit arrangements as gifts for my friends, family, and neighbors.  I did this alot during the holidays throughout the year.

My pieces became the focal point and conversation piece throughout the evening for many occasions. Eventually, friends of friends passed my information along and now I have a business that flourished using my simple talents of carving and creation. Which has now led to my  professional creative designs using fruit and vegetables. I guess the fruit carvings add a different flair, than ice sculptures and floral arrangements. That’s probably the main reason why I get so many requests for  custom orders.

I have had special requests to make unique pieces for weddings, parties, showers, and many other receptions. I have pieces that I can easily and quickly re-create by referencing to any photos on my image gallery. If you have a specific arrangement in mind, I can do that for you too. My creative design arrangements typically range between $99-$395. Please send me an email at and we will reply shortly. Thank you!

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